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60 per cent of Canadian businesses were hacked last year!

Do you need Data protection? You don't believe you do? Take a look at the harsh facts that surface on a daily occurrence. You may not even know you're affected until it's too late! "Nearly 60 per cent of Canadian businesses who responded to an Ipsos poll in February said they either suspect or know for certain [...]

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Ever Wonder How Internet Encryption Works?

We hear the word "encryption" continuously on the news as data breaches and private account information is stolen on a daily basis. Websites like this one at XecureData, emphasize the importance of un-hackable email if you are exchanging information or merely storing you private information.  – and if someone breaks it or in the case [...]

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Forever 21 Hacked?

Buzzfeednews reports on the latest hacking incident. Forever 21 is the latest retailer to be hit by hackers. The latest fashion retailer indicated that an investigation of its payment card system was underway after it was notified that there may have been "unauthorized access to data from payment cards that were used at certain Forever [...]

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