Encrypted Email and Contacts 2017-10-20T14:48:56-05:00

Encrypted Email and Contacts


Even for those who receive hundreds of emails a day, Secure Swiss Data provides an encrypted, and invulnerable email system which allows you to communicate privately from wherever and with whomever you want in the knowledge that your information is totally secure.
Hosted in Switzerland, we will never sell or pass your details onto any third party. Even we cannot access your information.



Email attachments can be saved directly to the secure server and files from the server can be attached to mails without having to locally download them first. Notes can be attached to emails, and notes appear not only in the email view, but also in the Notes application with links back to your associated email. Events and tasks can also be created directly from emails which will automatically add the information from that email to the task or event.



You can have any number of addressbooks and organize them hierarchically. Extensive support for contact details is provided, covering both the common needs such as addresses and phone numbers as well as birthdays and free-form notes. Contacts can be organized into multiple groups which can also be used as mailing lists. Individual contacts or entire addressbooks can be both exported and imported quickly and easily.