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Ever Wonder How Internet Encryption Works?

We hear the word “encryption” continuously on the news as data breaches and private account information is stolen on a daily basis.
Websites like this one at XecureData, emphasize the importance of un-hackable email if you are exchanging information or merely storing you private information.  – and if someone breaks it or in the case of government demanding to see your detailed data log, well… There goes your privacy.

You may not realize you use encryption, but you do.

Don’t be fooled in thinking that only terrorists, pedophiles and those with “something to hide” use encryption on the internet.
Anyone who shops online uses it.  Although probably without realizing that that’s what the padlock symbol in the address bar of their browser means.

The Guardian has an excellent and very informational article outlining the intricate details on how encryption works.

And if you believe you have nothing to hide, realize you have much to loose.

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