//Facebook is NOT free: You are selling out your identity!

Facebook is NOT free: You are selling out your identity!

To have a Facebook profile became the most natural thing in today’s society.

  • We use it for socializing;
  • We use it for business as well.

It’s free and it always will be. Or maybe there is a higher price that we pay for being a part of the global online community.

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Do we really have control over our Privacy settings?

We are all familiar with the concept of Facebook ads, but not many of us think about how deep they go into exploring our personalities in order to present us with customized advertisements.

When we inspect things more deeply, we do control most of the things on our profile and we decide which private information or photos we will share and with whom.

So, we get to control our privacy settings in terms of the audience that we allow to see our posts. However, how often do we stop and think that we have no control whatsoever over the information that Facebook is collecting on each and every one of us?

Facebook trackers follow all our activities

It is actually perfectly simple. There are trackers that follow our activity on Facebook, and they remember our posts, likes, searches as well as the links we open via Facebook. Since spending time on Facebook became normal for the majority of people, it is also common for us to share and explore our interests there, as well.

Precisely, this is an ideal way for the Facebook machinery to collect so much personal information, that it can drive a clear conclusion on our personal interests.

Facebook trades our information

And, since we live in the consumerist society, a company like Facebook can trade our information to other companies that are more than willing to pay to advertise.

For a relatively small amount of money, companies get great advertising possibilities with Facebook. The advantage of Facebook over other marketing tools is that it has so much information about its users, that it can display ads in perfect sync with each user’s preferences.

So, what it seems like free entertainment, comes with a high price of selling out our own identities. And, for what? The bottom line is to get people to purchase certain goods. Moreover, apart from just Facebook posts, the algorithms collect and monitor what we do in the real world.

To be more clear, if you once searched for popular psychology counseling, don’t get surprised if you start seeing sponsored ads from various life coaches or psychology bloggers.

We are often brainwashed into shopping

If we analyze this further, we get to see the specialized Matrix-like machinery that is literally exploiting our interests and habits into buying more stuff. Apart from being unsettling to many people, this is also the most aggressive way of making masses to buy products or services. It all comes down to that. Of course, no one talks about manipulative effect most of the commercials have on our brain, so yes we can say that we are often brainwashed into shopping.

And even though Facebook isn’t the only company trading our information for money, it is certainly one of the best equipped to do so. While we can’t hide from modern advertising, unless we decide to spend our lives independent from the social networks and for that matter the internet, we can try monitoring our own actions and take control over our own purchasing habits.

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