//Protect Against Corporate Espionage with Encrypted Email

Protect Against Corporate Espionage with Encrypted Email

More than 75% of the intellectual property owned by organizations around the world is stored in electronic mail as text or attachments?

That’s a lot of information that could cause a lot of harm to the organizations and the people that they serve, if in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, there are many hackers in the world that spy on these email accounts to obtain trade secrets and other information that could be profitable to them. Sometimes they hold the information hostage and make the organization pay to avoid their secrets being released or used in any way. Such vile actions are devastating to organizations.

Don’t Be a Target

To prevent a harmful security breach in which private data could be held hostage or sold, you have to protect yourself. An unsecured email is like passing a note from one side of the classroom to the other and trusting that no one in between will open it and read the juicy details. Hackers are eager to open the message to see what’s inside, which is why they have gone to such lengths to develop methods of interception.

Fortunately, there is a defense mechanism called “email encryption”. If email encryption is used, the email can still be intercepted, but the contents of the email won’t be readable. In other words, the hacker hits a dead end and can’t decipher what is inside. This is a victory for the organization and a defeat for the potential information thief.

Encryption for Commercial Emails

In order to be the victor in an email hack, it is highly recommended that commercial emails be encrypted. It simply makes sense because of the number of security breaches organizations have seen in recent years. To give an idea of the severity of hacks, Bloomberg created a quick guide to the worst corporate hacks. In these cases, hackers were looking for credit card numbers, internal documents, login credentials, and email addresses so they could use those addresses to initiate other attacks. Companies like Sony, Anthem, and even eBay were breached. This shows how hungry hackers are for information and how good they are at what they do.

In December 2016, Yahoo announced that 1 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked. Many people use their Yahoo email accounts for business not realizing that the information within free web-based email services isn’t always encrypted. The lack of encryption is why Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and even ISP-provided email services are frequent targets.

Protect Your Sensitive Business Interests

The good news is that your organization doesn’t have to be the next victim. By putting an email system in place that encrypts your emails, you can send and receive information with confidence and even securely store emails in folders for reference later.

The last thing you want to worry about during the business day is whether your email is going to be seen by someone who shouldn’t see it. In fact, this is something that most people don’t worry about, and that’s why millions of unencrypted business emails are being sent as you read this.

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